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Can You Put Bubble Bath in a Hot Tub?

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For many of us, soaking peacefully in a hot tub at the end of the day is a major part of what makes life worth living. Given this, we’re always looking for something to make the experience even more worthwhile, whether adding scents, sensations, or additional forms of entertainment to the hot tub experience.

The short answer is: yes, you can put bubble bath in a hot tub. A lot of individuals also use bath bombs, aromatherapy oils, rejuvenating salts, and of course the ever-popular rubber ducky. Depending on your tastes, any or all of these can be good ways to help you relax and unwind. If you want, you can even add a few drops of essential oil to the water to create a relaxing aromatherapy experience. 

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about taking a bubble bath in your hot tub, though. In the first place, it’s always best to purchase a hot tub that has a built-in heater. This will help keep the water at a comfortable temperature as you enjoy your bubble bath. Unpowered hot tubs do exist and many people enjoy using them, especially for the occasional cool, refreshing dip during summertime, but it’s absolutely worth it to pay a little extra for the convenience an automatic heating system offers. 

Adding the bubble bath solution to the water a few minutes before you get in is also a good idea. This ensures that the bubble bath is evenly distributed throughout the tub without having to swirl the water around with your hands. 

If your hot tub is equipped with water jets or aerators, though, you’ll want to switch these off until you drain the tub and replace its contents with fresh water. Leaving these creature comforts running can easily cause the bubbles to accumulate until you have an impressive carpet of foam all over your lawn, and nobody wants that. 

Can You Put Bubbles in A Hot Tub? 

As I mentioned, you can put bubbles in a hot tub. Kids certainly love playing with the foam, some adults who may be a little self-conscious about their bodies prefer these to be hidden from sight below the waterline, it cleanses the skin without having to scrub all over, and, as a side benefit, a layer of bubbles helps to insulate the water and keep it hot for longer. 

Let’s talk about some ways you can introduce bubbles in a hot tub. The most popular option is to use a store-bought bubble bath, but there’s nothing stopping you from making your own homemade bubble mix to suit your preferences exactly. 

If you’re fine with a commercial bubble bath solution from the supermarket, you just need to follow the directions on the package. Most even come with a little cup that you can use to measure out the right amount; just bear in mind that your hot tub contains a lot more water than a normal bathtub. 

If you want to undertake the adventure of mixing your own bubble bath, you will need to track down a number of ingredients. First of all, you’ll need some soap and glycerin – a naturally occurring substance that acts as a skin moisturiser and anti-irritant. You can find glycerin at most pharmacies.  

You will also want to add some kind of fragrance. Pure essential oils serve this purpose to a T: they are somewhat expensive, but you only need to use a few drops at a time. They also have some purported health benefits, definitely help you relax as you soak, and come in more unique varieties than you can shake a stick at. By all means, experiment with different scents until you find one that works for you. 

Actually making the bubble bath mixture couldn’t be simpler. Start by dissolving the soap in some warm water, then add the glycerin and stir until it’s completely dissolved. Stir in your chosen fragrance and any other ingredients, and you’re all done. Just pour it into your hot tub and enjoy the bubbles! 

Can You Put Soap In A Hot Tub? 

Yes, you can put soap in a hot tub! This is certainly one way to get unruly toddlers to take a bath without using straitjackets. It’s not necessarily something you should do, though; there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

First of all, you’ll want to use mild soap to avoid skin irritation and burning eyes. Something like Castile soap or baby shampoo works very well. Harsher detergents, like dishwashing soap, tends to dehydrate bathers’ skins, may cause rashes, and will play merry hell with your hot tub’s pH balance. 

You also need to make sure that the soap is completely dissolved before you add it to the hot tub. This means that you’ll need to add the soap to a bucket of water and stir it until it’s completely dissolved before pouring it into the tub.  

Don’t add too much, though! A little goes a long way in a hot tub, especially if you and your family like to take long soaks. Adding too much soap will create too many suds, leading to spills and making it difficult to relax in the tub. 

So, there you have it! You can indeed put bubble bath and soap into a hot tub. To recap: just be sure to use a mild soap, dissolve it completely, and be careful not to add too much. Turn off the tub’s jets and aerator if your model comes with these options. 

Happy hot tubbing!